Search Engine Strategy

Be Seen Online

See and Be Seen Online refers to the fact that you first need to see into the mind of your target customers before they will ever see you online. You need to understand what your customer is looking for that relates to your products or services and devise a strategy to allow you and your website to Be Seen when they are looking.


Quick question – What keywords are your customers typing into search when they need to buy what you sell? Do you know? Do you really know? Knowing this can make all the difference. We can help you uncover these keywords and search terms and then focus your Search Engine Strategy around those terms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We do not claim that we can get anyone on top of search organically unless we really can. We do not have any “packages” or plans that we sell. The chances for success with traditional SEO depend entirely on the business you are in and the keywords that you wish to come up for on search.

We start out by evaluating your website and your SEO goals and put together a custom plan based on your specific requirements, competition within those keywords and budget. Call us today, we can definitely help.


Microsites are the next wave of internet marketing. A microsite is a product, service, or subject specific “mini” website that is developed to speak to a micro audience with a focused approach. Once you know what terms your customers are searching, a keyword specific microsite can and will provide results. in other words, you will Be Seen.

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