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Online Marketing

Be Seen Online

There are multiple strategies for driving traffic to your website and not all will be a good fit for your online marketing requirements. 2020 interactive can implement a custom online marketing program to help you meet your online goals and Be Seen Online.

Search Engine Marketing

There are four distinct tactics that we employ to drive traffic to your website. They are organic search engine optimization (SEO), keyword specific microsites, pay-per click campaigns and traditional online advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a practice that gets a lot of attention throughout the internet industry. Many companies claim to be SEO experts, but seldom deliver results. These companies go from victim to victim and make big promises but always seem to go away as fast as they came, but with your money in their bank.

We take a different approach to SEO. We do not claim that we can get anyone on top of search organically unless we really can. And we do not have any “packages” or plans that we sell. The chances for success with traditional SEO depend entirely on the business you are in and the keywords that you wish to come up for on search.

We start out by evaluating your website and your SEO goals and put together a custom plan based on your specific requirements, competition within those keywords and budget. Call us today, we can definitely help.


Microsites are the next wave of online marketing. A microsite is a product, service, or subject specific “mini” website that is developed to speak to a micro audience with a focused approach.

For example a pool company that sells and installs pools may also sell pool supplies and also provide pool cleaning services, but may not show well in search for any of these categories. However a pool cleaning or pool supplies specific microsite can and will provide much better results in search. Contact us today and we will recommend a microsite strategy specific to your targeted customer searches.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

This concept is pretty simple and the name says it all. Pay Per Click is simply the process of bidding on specific keywords against your competition where the highest bids will show up the highest on the paid ‘sponsored” section of search results.
This is another field that has hundreds of companies over promising and under delivering. For the most part this is something that anyone can do themselves. However, there are many tricks to the trade that will allow you to maximize your investment and not pay for hundreds of clicks that do not generate and inquiries or sales. Most companies who offer this service charge a percentage of what you spend. With that model, the more money you spend (waste) the more they make. We do not think that is fair and do not work that way.

We only offer pay-Per Click campaigns to our customers when they are looking for a quick-fix traffic solution or if we can prove a high rate of ROI. We always measure your investment in Pay Per Click and more often than not will recommend that you spend less not more.
Online Advertising

This is the traditional banner ad and sponsorship portion of Online Marketing. Online Advertising can often be the most expensive option, but in the spirit of other traditional advertising like TV and radio it definitely has its place depending on your business and goals.

2020 interactive offers complete online advertising solutions including ad design, media research and ad placement. Contact us today if you think that Online Advertising is something that your business should be doing or can be doing better.

Another area of expertise that we provide related to Online Advertising is helping websites that have heavy traffic to monetize that asset through the placement of strategic, complementary ads, offers and sponsorships on your site. If your site receives a lot of visitors, others would be willing to place targeted ads on your website. If you would like to explore the option of generating additional revenue through the traffic on your website 2020 interactive can help.

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