Selling Online

Ecommerce is the term that referrs to online sales which requires an credit card transaction. There are many ways to facilitate online sales from intricate databases to simple HTML product pages. 2020 interactive has experience with all types of Ecommerce both big and small and can develop an online shopping experience for your specific needs.

Much More Than Technology

The Technology behind Ecommerce is the easy part, what we can offer is much more valuable. We can work with you to not only build the Ecommerce functionality, but also to help you drive traffic, convert more visitors and build online customer relationships through our expertise in Email Marketing and Social Networks.

We can help you find new customers, sell them more, sell them more often, and tell their friends about you.

Why People Buy Online

Many people buy online due to an expectation of a lower price, but even more people buy online for convenience or because they can’t find what they need at a brick and morter retail establishment. You can buy anything online these days from movie tickets to new cars and even homes. but who is buying what you are selling online and why. The key to successful Ecommerce is understanding those question and catering to those people and their reasons. We can help you uncover those answers and improve your online sales results.

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